Upland Technolgogies Inc.
Upland Technologies Inc provides tooling custom designed and built to meet the requirements of today’s machines at a competitive price.   

Tooling is manufactured to the highest standards to ensure the best life and consistent performance.

Upland Line of Tooling Includes: 

      Muffler Making  Tooling for Upland and “Competitors” Machines

               Special and Large Capacity End Forming Tooling     

     Rollers, Vertical RAM flanger and vertical Cap Spinner Tooling


     Collapsible Lockseamer Mandrel


     Ridgelock Tooling


Lockseamer Rollers                                


Oscillating Flanger Tooling


Baffle Stuffer Tooling       


Crimp Tooling 


Vertical Cap Spinner Tooling


Vertical Capper with "Segmented" Tube Expansion


Vertical Ram Flanger Tooling


Vertical Lockseamer and Cap Spinner Rollers




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     Cambridge, Ontario
     N1T 1Z5, Canada
     Phone#:  (519) 620 3838
     Fax#:       (519) 622 3138 



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