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Description :
The Upland RLK-300 Ridgelock machine, designed and manufactured by Upland Technologies, is a self contained unit with a built in hydraulic power unit. The Ridgelock machine consists of a hydraulic power pack to supply hydraulic power, a Ridgelock head, and sliding part fixture. The operator is protected by the light curtains. A work fixture for a part is mounted on a carriage. The carriage attached to linear rails slide by mean of a hydraulic cylinder over the Ridgelock tooling. The linear rails ensure that the Ridgelock fingers aligned and positioned correctly in relation to the tubes and baffles (i.e. partitions) to be ridge locked. The machine can perform pull type or push type ridge locking by simply changing the tooling adaptor. Changeover from one set to Ridgelock tooling to next, or from pull to push type tooling is quick and simple with this machine. The tools drop into the ridgelock head using the overhead crane. As well, this machine will accept tooling for one of three inspection load cells. The tools are coded, so that the machine control will recognize the tooling set and will set-up the machine accordingly.

Speicifcation :
Hydraulic System Pressure:
Control Voltage:

1500 PSI
20 KW
480V/60 Hz AC
24 DC

Ridgelock Fingers

- Load Cells
- Auto and manual control of the machine via panel view
- Safty Doors
- Guarding
- Light Curtains



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     N1T 1Z5, Canada
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