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Description :
The Upland fixture machine, designed and manufactured by Upland technologies, is a self-contained unit with built in Hydraulic power Unit. A work fixture (Fixture) mounted, clamped in place, connected pneumatically and hydraulically by quick disconnects and connected electrically by one plug, and is then ready to run. Each fixture electrical plug carries a code to tell the controller which program to use. Changeover from one fixture to the next is quick and simple. The first fixture supplied to Tenneco Cambridge are for punching sensor holes into bent pipe assemblies. Other fixtures can be supplied for slotting, flattening, piercing, sizing, bending and many other operations. The fixture machine consists of Hydraulic power pack to supply controlled hydraulic power, a pneumatic system to supply controlled pneumatic power. All these system plus the Safty systems such as light curtains, emergency stop controls remain with the fixture machine whichever fixture is installed. The Operator controls, the PLC controller and main electrical panel are part of the fixture machine. The feedback proximity switches remain as part of the fixture and are left in their adjusted position n each fixture. The adjustments are not effected by a fixture change.

Speicifcation :
System Pressure:

1200 PSI
600V/60 Hz 3 Ph AC
34 KW

- Light curtains
- Guarding
- Emergency stop
- Pneumatic and Hydraulic Power



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